December 4, 2023

Your Trusted Source for Bathroom Remodeling in Orange County, CA

Unless your house dates back to the 1800s, chances are your Orange County home features a bathroom that could benefit from some care. You might have a few ideas about changes you’d like to make, maybe even consider a full remodel.

With various layouts, design elements, and finishes available, David Christjan Fine Cabinetry understands the multitude of choices to ponder. Regardless of your preference, you can achieve the bathroom you’ve been envisioning.


The Goal of a Bathroom Remodel – Orange County, CA

At David Christjan Fine Cabinetry, we’re dedicated to conserving your home’s original beauty while ensuring our clients enjoy the functionality they need. Our focus is on preserving the unique features of your home throughout our renovation process.

Our team of designers creates bathrooms tailored to your needs and style. Whether you want a complete redesign of your master bathroom or to add a half bath or powder room to your existing home, we take pride in our work. We blend restoration and renovation strategically to deliver stunning results in bathroom remodeling designs.

Orange County Bathroom Remodel Features to Consider

Every bathroom remodel comes with the addition of features and other changes that must be considered. The current trend is to add luxury when possible. The combination of elegance, classic charm, and modern luxuries can create an extraordinarily beautiful bathroom. Below are a few of our favorite features to consider for your new bathroom renovation:

  • Smart Technology
  • Heated Floors
  • Heated Towel Rack
  • Water-Proof Speakers
  • Large matching ceramic tiles on the floor (laid on a diagonal with ceramic tile base molding)
  • General and spotlighting including waterproof shower fixture.
  • Cabinetry with custom drawer base and wall cabinets

Types of Bathroom Remodels – Orange County CT

Given its frequent use, the bathroom stands as a pivotal space within any household. Hence, understanding the precise kind of bathroom remodel required becomes crucial before embarking on any remodeling endeavor.

Master Bathrooms – Probably the most often remodeled bathroom of choice, and for good reason. When you wake up in the morning, your master bathroom is typically the first place you go. Greeting each day in a new, clean space of your choice can help to roll out of bed more easily, even if it is Monday. For these reasons, remodeled master bathrooms also make your home far more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

  • Master Bathroom Addition – Typically more expensive and time-consuming, however, will increase the value of your home. Some take this opportunity to add a jacuzzi, walk-in shower, or just more space.
  • Halls Baths – Hall bathrooms adjoin a hallway in the home, and they may or may not have an entry from a bedroom and are often the most frequented bathroom in the house. Space is the first consideration. Maybe expansion is required or maybe changing the counter space and the bathing area to increase the floor space without moving any walls.
  • Powder Rooms – A product of the eighteenth century, a power room is a closet-sized room originally designed for the application of extra powder for wigs. When you entertain guests, they are most likely to use the powder room. Having just a toilet and a sink, they are comparatively quick and inexpensive to remodel. But a little remodeling can go a long way.
  • Kid’s Bathrooms – Typically kid’s bathrooms incorporate a playful feel with color tones and features perfect for kids.

Orange County Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you aim to infuse spa-like tranquility into your Orange County residence or seek a straightforward update for a bathroom aging over the years, David Christjan Fine Cabinetry assures confidence not just in our craftsmanship’s excellence but also in our attentive regard for our client’s aspirations and preferences. Every home renovation holds significant weight, a decision we deeply understand.

Should queries persist, arranging a consultation allows us to illuminate how we can manifest your aspirations into tangible reality! Elevating your Orange County bathroom is an investment worth considering.

Transform your Orange County bathroom into a sanctuary that reflects your style and comfort. Schedule a consultation today and let’s begin crafting the perfect space tailored just for you!

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