D Christjan is the leading choice for artistic design and CNC machining. We can create highly intricate personalized or custom 3D architectural wood carvings from 2D sketches for a wide variety of different design purposes.

TURN A HOME INTO YOUR SPACEWhen the only limitations are your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

D Christjan is the leading choice for artistic design and CNC machining. We can create highly intricate personalized or custom 3D architectural wood carvings from 2D sketches for a wide variety of different design purposes. Unique software tools guide us through the entire process, from conceptual sketch to the finished piece.

D Christjan has what it takes to succeed and has never limited what we can achieve. Operating with maximum flexibility and more than enough power to get the job done. Any decorative woodwork which is a permanent part of a building is Architectural Millwork. Millwork would include corbels or brackets, and “all types of gingerbread”, porch components such as railing and posts, columns, entrance surrounds, doors, and gates. Because this type of work is exposed to the elements, we use a very select few species of wood, known for their durability outside. We also utilize several man-made materials, like marine plywood, architectural foam, and Thermally Modified Lumber.


Project Analysis
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Project Design
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Production and Building
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Furniture design
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Design Consultancy
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Remodel Construction


You can always rely on DChristjan to make a masterpiece out of your project. Our team will handle every detail regardless of project size.
Commercial Construction


As a commercial builder, we’re great at collaborating with our clients / their architect to turn your vision into reality.

Looking for Kitchen Remodeling?

Do you wish to give a major makeover to your kitchen? If you don’t know how and where to start it, consider our kitchen remodeling services in Orange County. We are professionals when it comes to kitchen remodeling in Pasadena and can help you from start to end. Our designers are experienced and have a good knowledge about planning and designing a kitchen. Complete guidance will be provided about kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring and much more. The layouts that are designed by us are hard to resist and your space will look totally new.

No matter whether you are planning a small remodel or a big one, we can definitely design that perfect thing for you. We even assist you with all sorts of installations, so that you don’t face any issues whatsoever. The kitchen remodeling San Diego services offered by us are professional, timely and accurate.

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Cabinets that have been custom tailored to fit your home will help improve organization, eliminate clutter and even increase the value of your home.

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DChristjan Fine Cabinetry is a leader of cabinet manufacturing in Southern California who blends skilled artisans using old-world craftsmanship with state of the art machinery. We have the unique ability to provide a highly customized cabinet product in high volumes.
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