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Our Factory

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D Christjan manufacturing is centrally located in Chino, CA. Our local manufacturing facility allows us to provide short lead-times and impeccable customer service from the beginning of your cabinet order through its completion.

D Christjan blends skilled artisans using old-world craftsmanship techniques with state of the art machinery. This allows us to create products with the precision of modern technology as well as the quality of hand-crafted construction.

The mission of D Christjan is to provide the highest quality cabinetry in the industry with beautiful finishes, and long lasting durability.


Once your kitchen has been designed and drawn to your satisfaction, our team of skilled engineers produces technical drawings, precise cultists, and directives for the factory personnel.

Our expert technicians use those directives to operate the machines that prepare the cabinetry for assembly. Meanwhile master woodworkers then build your furniture grade cabinetry with great care and pain staking detail. Quality is our priority, especially during the intricate detailing, aging and finishing processes.

We offer Woods, Veneers and finish products that are LEED & FSC certified for your Green design needs and accreditations.


D Christjan has a reputation for beautiful and unique stain finishes. Our extensive selection of wood finish colors satisfies a broad range of decorating tastes and lifestyles.

Our unique ability in aging woods in addition to our wide variety of custom stains, glazes and hand rubbed layering techniques allow us to offer furniture quality finishes that surprise and delight.

D Christjan also custom matches unique finishes to our customers¡¯ specifications. The routines we use in the applications of stains, glazes and varnishes result in a finished product that is consistent in color and appearance. Our finishes are backed with a lifetime warranty.


We offer Woods, Veneers and finish products that are LEED & FSC certified for your Green design needs and accreditation.