November 14, 2023

In the case that you’ve never upgraded or painted your kitchen cabinetry, we’re assuming you’re here because you’re in the market. Well, you picked a good time! Generic stock cabinetry is a thing of the past; custom cabinets and kitchen cabinetry is the new norm in modern homes.

As we move forward, kitchen design continues to evolve and grow with new trends every year. One of the most important aspects of any kitchen design is the style and kitchen cabinet color. More importantly, how it fits with the rest of your home.

What will homeowners gravitate towards?

We’ve seen a lot of minimalist designs with sleek lines become increasingly popular, and this year expect people to gravitate toward more natural colors for their homes and kitchen cabinets.

Cheery yellow walls bring this kitchen to life via Nicola Marc

We’ve seen a lot of minimalist designs with sleek lines become increasingly popular, and this year expect many homeowners to gravitate toward more natural colors like earthy colors & muted neutral colors. Even colors that add an interesting pop like earthy greens, a light sage green, and navy blue combined with white or gold are good examples.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors that we see gaining popularity

We’re seeing a shift away from more modern all-white kitchens, opening up an array of creative design and color ideas for homeowners and interior designers. As a homeowner, though, it’s up to you to choose the right color for YOUR kitchen. After all, you’ll be in it almost every day.

Two-tone cabinets

2023 is the year of bold cabinet designs and vibrant colors. The most popular kitchen cabinet color trends for this year have been two-tone cabinets, which consist of two separate colors for your upper section as well as lower cabinetry.

Usually, you will need darker colors on the upper cabinets or contrasting colors on the bottom drawers below the kitchen counters. It is a good idea to mix the colors of the kitchen cabinets with drawers and boxes. It works best with a lighter color for the main drawer as well as a brighter shade for the island.

Natural Wood Cabinets

After years of white-dominating kitchen design, natural wood colors are making a triumphant comeback. Natural wood colors are also popular choices that help to bring warmth and homey vibes with understated elegance.

Cheery yellow walls bring this kitchen to life via Nicola Marc

Natural wood accents such as mahogany, oak, and elm can be used to create a warm atmosphere and can even help to make your space feel bigger. Different tones of natural wood can help bring balance and contrast to a room while maintaining an inviting feel.

This trend is gaining popularity among interior designers due to its range of options that allow

Black Cabinets

Black or dark greens can act as statement pieces that allow you to be creative when decorating your kitchen while still providing a classic look.

These darker colors can add a touch of sophistication to a modern kitchen, and they also pair well with stainless steel appliances.

Grayish or Dark Greens

We think gray-green and darker shades of green will remain attractive cabinet colors going forward. Unlike beige, the greens will suit almost all aesthetics and are ideal for those who want a more modern look.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy blue has been a surprising choice for cabinetry color. It has intense hues that will give you an ambiance that is comfortable and personal. Darker blue kitchen cabinets are stylish and provide timeless looks.

Shaker-Style cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular

What are shaker cabinets?

Shaker cabinetry is a clean, timeless style of cabinetry, making them a popular choice to achieve classic kitchen designs. The cabinet doors feature classic flat panels and minimalistic hardware that lends itself to a simple and sophisticated look.

Cheery yellow walls bring this kitchen to life via Nicola Marc

This cabinet style has seen a rapid rise in popularity in the past few years, with its simple and clean lines making it an ideal choice for urban and contemporary homes. Its warm tones create a timeless look that won’t ever go out of style. It’s also known for being incredibly sturdy and resilient due to its strong materials and construction.


Thankfully, this style isn’t limited just to kitchens- you can find this chic style in any part of your home, including bathrooms. Whether you’re looking to simply refresh a space or give it an entirely new feel, these kitchen cabinets can be the perfect addition.

Work with an expert when deciding on kitchen cabinet paint colors

If you’re looking to update your kitchen cabinets or need a remodel, consider working with experienced professionals who specialize in kitchen makeovers. It is important to determine what look and style will best suit your kitchen, along with additional features that can increase the kitchen’s function such as drawers and pantry space.

Cheery yellow walls bring this kitchen to life via Nicola Marc

Also keep in mind that by choosing quality materials like higher-grade wood, new kitchen cabinets can bring beauty and durability to your kitchen! Knowing what options are available and getting help from professionals can give you the kitchen of your dreams without making any costly mistakes.

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