November 14, 20230

Have you been trying to make the tough choice between aesthetics and functionality in your kitchen design? Do you wish there were no cabinet handles ruining the seamless look of your kitchen? Do you know you could have a handle-less kitchen?

Yes, you actually can!

In response to an overwhelming demand from clients and interior designers, DChristjan has launched European-style Gola handle-less kitchen cabinetry in Southern California.

The biggest benefit with Gola Kitchens is that the profile handles remain hidden, giving the kitchen a seamless look with a true handle-less design style.

In addition, there are several other reasons homeowners and designers love Gola handle-less kitchen cabinetry.

No fingerprints

The Gola cabinet is built with a recessed aluminum channel in the top edge of the cabinet. This creates a gap for between the top of the cabinet door or drawer for the fingers to curl around the surface edge and onto the back of the door or drawer, which you can pull forward to open.

Since you are touching the back of the door, there are no fingerprints on the front!

Safety First

No handles on the cabinets means that there’s nothing for your clothes to accidentally catch on, and one less thing for young children to walk into and get hurt.

Timeless style

A handle-less design creates a seamless flow of kitchen units that’s aesthetically pleasing and efficient. What you get is a clean and clutter-free kitchen.

The seamless design frees up more of your kitchen compared with handled cabinets.

Cheery yellow walls bring this kitchen to life via Nicola Marc

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